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Model of this power bank: SL_PB137 Brand: Show Life Specification of Power Bank 1) Polymer battery 2) Input:  Micro USB: DC 5V/2A; Lightning: DC 5V/2A; Type C: DC5V/2A; 3) Output: USB A * 2PCS: DC5V/2A 4) Compatibility: Micro USB Phone, Type C phone, Lightning iphone phone; 5) Color: black, white 6) Size: 135.95*67.95*15mm 7) Plastic cases Capacity 10000mAh or 20000mAh or 30000mAh

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Multiple interface Power bank Large Capacity LCD Digital display power A series with three capacity 10000mAh, 20000mAh and 30000mAh that contains enough battery to charge multiple devices. Can fast charge your devices.Our company is committed to providing the best power bank and after-sales service guarantee. After purchasing our products, we provide customers with high-quality after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction and trust, and provide customers with long-term support. We promise to provide 12-month free repair and replacement service on product quality issues, customers can contact our customer service team at any time, we will reply the questions and give solutions as soon as possible. In addition, we also provide customers with user guides and technical support to help customers better understand and use our products. Our after-sales service team is professional, efficient and patient, providing customers with the best service experience.Charge Multiple Devices This model power bank has micro usb ,lightning ,usb c input port ,has 2pcs usb a output port ,so it is convenient to charge power bank ,also is convenient to charge your phone; LCD Power Indicator The integrated digital display show charging status and the current battery life. With multi-national safety certificates and protection system to ensure safety use It has adopted PCB System Setting Protection, including Over Charge Voltage Protection, Over Discharge Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection & Automatic Power Cutoff Protection. It has acquired CE, FCC and ROHS international safety certificates, and Global Product Liability Insurance to ensure safety and reliability of the battery.DC 5V/2A mobile power supply is a portable charging device with the following characteristics: High-speed charging: DC 5V/2A mobile power supply has a charging capacity of 2A, which can provide faster charging effect. Compared with traditional low-current chargers, it can significantly reduce charging time and improve usage efficiency. Large-capacity battery: DC 5V/2A mobile power supply is usually equipped with a high-capacity battery, which has a relatively large choice in terms of capacity. This allows users to choose mobile power supplies of different capacities according to their own needs to meet the charging needs of different devices. Multi-function output port: DC 5V/2A mobile power supply is usually equipped with multiple output ports, which can charge multiple devices at the same time. This facilitates users to charge multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and Bluetooth headsets at the same time, improving convenience of use. Lightweight and portable: DC 5V/2A mobile power supplies generally adopt lightweight designs and materials, making them easy to carry. Users can easily put it in their pockets or bags and use it anytime and anywhere, solving the problem of no power on their mobile devices. Safety protection: DC 5V/2A mobile power supplies are usually equipped with a variety of safety protection functions, such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, etc. These protection mechanisms can effectively avoid accidents and equipment damage during charging and ensure the safety of use. Display screen: Some DC 5V/2A mobile power supplies have a display screen that can display information such as remaining power, output voltage, etc. to help users understand the usage status of the power supply. In short, the DC 5V/2A mobile power supply has the characteristics of high-speed charging, large-capacity battery, multi-function output port, lightweight and portable, safety protection and display screen. These features make it an ideal choice for mobile device users, providing them with a convenient and reliable charging solution.

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